Our Staff

For Neil and Robyn, providing employment for the women who live on the farms was a motivating factor in starting the guest lodges. Farming in South Africa is traditionally a male dominated sector; men are employed as stockmen, labourers and herders with few opportunities for the women to earn an income.

At Lowestoffe Country Lodge, our very able and caring staff come in each day to clean, wash dishes and make beds – all contributing to your relaxed, stress-free stay.

Meet the ladies

Nolungile (Noen) has worked for the family for nearly three decades. Noen, with a gentle, caring nature, was nanny to Peta, Guy and Drew. In recent years she has taken over responsibility for Trout Lodge, and while her English is not great, she is absolutely trustworthy and hardworking.

Ria has looked after Rockford Lodge since its inception in 2002 and she takes great pride in ensuring that everything is running efficiently. She is a warm, friendly lady with strong convictions. Ria is also trustworthy and honest.

You are welcome to tip as you see fit!

We strive to pay our staff equitably and the ladies who clean the houses gratefully receive your contribution.