About Lowestoffe Country Lodge

Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.
Albert Einstein

This tranquil, scenic setting makes Lowestoffe Country Lodge perfect for memorable family holidays and weekend getaways.

Lowestoffe Country Lodge is a family run business, so your comfort and enjoyment are important to us. It is a privilege for our family to steward this unique parcel of land and we delight to share it with you. The weather is variable with snow recorded in all 12 months of the year. The nights are chilly, even in the summer months, and the fireplaces create a cosy ambience – a perfect place to snuggle up with a glass of wine, a good book and that slab of chocolate! No matter the time of year, it is advisable to pack warm items of clothing.

The change of seasons is dramatic and a feast for the eyes. The autumn landscape is truly breath-taking with myriad shades of gold, amber and rust while spring is a riot of vibrant green and budding blossoms. Summer settles into deep hues of emerald while the winter scenery is stark, with the perpetual promise of waking to a world turned white overnight.

Hogsback is nearby: 26km from Trout Lodge & Walnut Lodge, and 15km from Rockford Lodge. This quaint little village, famous for its three flat-topped mountains in the shape of a hog’s back, has many attractions and is well worth a visit.

Note: Access to the Lowestoffe Country Lodge is on gravel roads, therefore we advise arriving in vehicles with good clearance – 4x4s are not necessary unless there is heavy rain or snow.

We recommend:

Exploring the indigenous forest

Hiking to one of the waterfalls in the area

Taking a peek at the famous ‘bath on the edge of a cliff’

Figuring out the labyrinth at The Edge

Buying handcrafted Belgian chocolates at The Chocolate Shoppe

Eating at one of the many fine restaurants in the village